About us

About Rebecca’s Organics

We started with a love for all things green. A love for granola-headed, organic purity, along with a mighty respect for Mother Earth. Then the search began for the highest quality organic products available. It was important to us to buy local wherever possible, and to keep the promise of reuse, re-purpose, and recycle.


We now introduce Rebecca’s, for all of your hair and body care needs. Our services include hair design, spa-service manicures and pedicures, facials, natural hair removal, and massage therapy. We also offer excellence in organic products which include hair care, make-up, creams and deodorants; as well as many gift ideas to choose from.

Meet Rebecca
Owner & Stylist
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“I’ve been a hair dresser for over 14 years but have been into the organic lifestyle and products since the 80’s. I opened my salon in Fort Pierce in 2010. For the last 4 years I’ve been working at the Sunrise Theater for celebrities such as Kenny Rogers, Martin Short, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, and Joan Rivers, along with many other Broadway performers. In addition to basic services I also offer progressive coloring techniques, wig cleaning and styling, dred styling and maintenance, color correction and emergency hair repair.”